Memories from Recitals Past:

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Not all classical pieces are stuffy, straight laced affairs either!  Here is the Doll Aria performed by Jimena and Jonathan Shepherd:

Here's a great shout out from KBND:

Not all concerts by classically trained musicians are stuffy, straight laced affairs.  Here is a fun moment from the July 23, 2016 event:

There are a few other memories posted as below:
Michael Chavarin, January 17, 2015Michael Chavarin, January 17, 2015

Jean Schrader, Keris Manke, Lara Matmeny, and Kaylee McBain, January 17, 2015 Jean Shrader, Karis Mahnke, Lara Matheny, and Kaylee McBain, January 17, 2015

Jean Shrader and Lorraine Carter, January 17, 2015

Dorothy Leman and Jean Shrader, January 17, 2015